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At last things are falling into place; photos are on line and they have pay buttons for anyone who wants to purchase.
I have also been out and about, taking new photos, so I will put those on a page while they are new. They'll be replaced as they grow to 7 days old.

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Choosing frames isn't easy. Some frames can look very nice in their plastic wrappers, but when you see them in the flesh, it's a different story.

The problem with frames, is the corner cuts. Manufacturers use MDF for their frames and glue the outer pattern to them. When the 45 degree corner cut is made, the edges can chip, or on some frames, even come undone.

Now, I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I wouldn't sell something which I wouldn't buy for myself.
The search for frames has been long, tedious, pretty frustrating.

I found a nice black frame with a wood pattern. It's a semi-matt finish and the corners so far have been very good.
The fashion at the moment is to have a lot of border around a photo, so this A3 frame will take 4 photo sizes. 7x5 inch, 9x6 inch, 10x7 inch and A4.

For the purpose of postage there is a plexi-glass front in the frames, which shouldn't smash during delivery.

The photo prints are on Lustre (semi-matt) paper.
They are not inkjet prints, the digital images are exposed on to light sensitive photographic paper, very much like old fashioned technique we used for film.