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What happens if you're not happy with your purchase?

If it's a printed photo or a framed photo which you are not happy with, if you send the items back to me within 14 days, I'll refund your money.

If it's a digital image which is damaged I will re-send it.
I will not refund money for digital downloads.

My contact details are at the foot of the page.
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My Photographs are produced on a ZBE Chromira Printer, This is a C Type process using Silver Haylide light sensitive photographic paper exposed on the Chromira, then processed using Kodak professional chemistry. Not to be confused with inferior mini-lab or inkjet technology.
Prices Include Shipping
A3 frame with a
7x5 inch print
A3 frame with a
9x6 inch print
A3 frame with a
10x7 inch print
A3 frame with a
A4 inch print
Framed Photographs:

A3 Size Black Frame with wood grain pattern
For Wall Mounting Only
White A3 card mount with a bevel cut aperture
A choice of four photo sizes