My Photography career grew from a hobby back in 1985.
I have had a lifelong passion for taking photos, and an unexplainable excitement for capturing a moment.
As a professional, I specialized in domestic photography, mainly weddings and studio based family portraits, and I owned and ran my own photo shop/studio from the late 1980's.
I also dabbled in advertising, doing work for well known names like Waterstones, Debenhams and B&Q to name a few, plus a host of smaller and lesser known local companies.

Now, I have a little more freedom to take the photographs which I want to take.
I played hopscotch on these pavements, and played football on this road.
It was a unique time, because parents don't let kids do that any more.
Life continuously changes, in many cases those changes are not always for the better.
© Jeff Russell Photography 2018
My photography career began in 1985, way back in the days of film, and processing photos with messy chemicals. My working career was spent shooting weddings, families and also some advertising work. My Clients included B&Q, Waterstones, John Lewis and a few smaller local business's.

Now, I have given all that up; and although I will occasionally take on paid work, my time is spent shooting things and places that I like.

My photos these days are taken on a couple of Nikon DSLR's, and post processing is done in Photoshop.

Take a look through my website, which is essentially my current portfolio, it is updated when new images are available.
My Wordpress Blog includes stories about the places I shoot and a few tips on taking photographs as well. There will soon be an accompanying YouTube Channel too.

Some of my photographs are for sale. They are sold through my Daughters firm Jade Craft Design and they can be purchased on-line. Links to JCD and my photographs are on my site