My Photography career grew from a hobby back in 1985.
I have had a lifelong passion for taking photos, and an unexplainable excitement for capturing a moment.
As a professional, I specialized in domestic photography, mainly weddings and studio based family portraits, and I owned and ran my own photo shop/studio from the late 1980's.
I also dabbled in advertising, doing work for well known names like Waterstones, Debenhams and B&Q to name a few, plus a host of smaller and lesser known local companies.

Now, I have a little more freedom to take the photographs which I want to take.
I don't want my photographs to look like something they are not.
No artificial skies, no fake reflections in water.
I believe a photo should tell the truth and not be a lie.
My photography style, I guess, is a little quirky.
I see things slightly differently,  I like honesty
and I like artistry.
I played hopscotch on these pavements, and football in the road.
It was a unique time, people, kids, they don't do that any more.
Life continuously changes, those changes are not always for the better.
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I create in camera, what I see is what you get.
I see honesty in dereliction. Important places which once thrived are left to ruin, as time changes a buildings importance to our cities survival. The Tobacco Warehouse was once pivotal to the prosperity of Liverpool, and then times changed and it was left to rot.
Hotels, apartments and student accommodation now service Liverpool's wealth, as will the Tobacco Warehouse once again after it's redesignation.